Why Cremation

What are the advantages of using Cremation

Every day, more people find that cremation is an option that just makes sense.

A traditional funeral often costs more than $10,000, obligating you to the additional costs of a casket, a cemetery plot, a vault, and a headstone.

At Simple Cremation our plans start at just $599.

Choosing cremation gives you more flexibility for memorial services. There is no immediate rush to have everyone gather. This allows you to schedule a service at a time and place that makes sense for everyone who will be attending.

Choosing cremation is a smart environmental choice. It requires no harmful chemicals or plastics like those used in the embalming process. Cremation is also less wasteful since no casket or space in the ground is required. And unlike a burial, cremation does not require constant grounds maintenance.

Cremation provides many more final options. Ashes can be buried, put into a niche, scattered in one or multiple places, kept at home, divided among children, or even made into jewelry.

Let us assist you. Check out our cremation plans.